Compendium I

Lexius the Old

Kingdoms of Amalur

This book covers the various peoples found across Amalur, from Almain to Varani.

Compendium of the Peoples of Amalur by Lexius the Old

Chapter 1 - The Almain

Almain History

The Almain are a nation of humans whose beginnings are tied with the rise of the warlord Balforth Almere. otherwise known as Almere the Bold, or King Almere. Under his banner the humans of the Alfar lands created a civilization and rose to prominence roughly around 177 BA (Before Arcana). The nation is centered around Port Myria and the lands south and west of Dalentarth. For a complete history, read The Rise of the Almain by Zeriah Carreten.

Almain Appearance

The Almain people vary biologically more than any other people of the Faelands, ranging from darker skinned than Dokkalfar, to as pale as Varani, and from dearly Gnome height to nearly as tall as Jottun. The majority of Almain in the Faelands emigrated from Port Myria and are typically of a bronze-colored complexion, with brown hair and eyes. As immigrants, Almain clothing is usually of a simple nature, favoring basic colors and little adornment. However, ceremonial and religious garb can be as ornate as that of the Alfar. Clothing is usually made from leather, furs, and fabrics such as cotton or wool.

Almain Society

Almain society is structured on order and a rigid work ethic. Codes and doctrines of regularized life can be found everywhere in Almain homelands, and settlers are no exception. The Almain people worship Mitharu more often than other deities, and laws are usually based on the teachings of the Voice of Three, Saints Odwig, Eadric, and Hadwin. Almain traditionally followed a feudal system under King Almere's rule, and continue to do so with dogmatic distinction between the nobles and commoners. Although there are many Almain merchants, they are not as entrepreneurial as the Varani, and serve as local suppliers more than as a class unto themselves. The Almain are considered a humble people by the Varani, and xenophobic and small-minded by the Alfar. They regard the Fae with a great distrust and suspicion, as Fae are alien to the tenets of Mitharu.