Survey Of Gallows End

Roparzh Judoc

Kingdoms of Amalur

A survey of Gallows End prepared by surveyors of Motus Mining Interests, in the city of Adessa.

Motus Mining Company Roparzh Judoc, lead excavator.

While the island of Gallows End is obviously imbued with magic, there are no native minerals worth the trouble of mining.

When our expedition first landed on the island, it was immediately obvious that it was filled with an abundance of natural resources. Upon further study however, we found that the trees were rotten and the stone unbreakable. The mission's sorcerer found the root cause to be a cursed magic. We traced it back to the sources, an Erathi altar on top of the mountain, but we were unable to open the door.

The locals were of no help. Most of the mhave banded together and settled the southern coast, but they all seem to be trapped into some kind of religious zealotry, worshipping a god by the name of Akara. When we get back to Adessa we will have our researcher investigate 'Akara' further.

There was, on the other hand, plenty to salvage. Not only had the Dverga settled here at one point, but many of their ships have washed ashore. The salvage should at least pay for this expedition, but it's not worth another trip back to collect the rest.

We found a large harbour on the west side of the island, of Dvergan construction. If perhaps one of the other nearby islands proves fruitful, we could perhaps use these docks as a resupply point. There is also a large Dvergan keep in the middle of the island, but it is in too much a state of disrepair to be useful.

As for the tales of Dead Kel, they seem to be false. We didn't run into him or nay of his Hanged Men. There are quite a few faer gorta however, but they are a little different than the ones we see back home. They seem to be held together by roots, similar to larger ones we've found all over the island.

The wildlife of this island is quite dangerous. What looks like a large rock from a distance ends up being a deadly root golem upon closer inspection. We lost two men to these creatures. Additionally the caves and Dverga tunnels seem to be filled with scavs, which have already cost us one operation.

It is my recommendation that this island be removed from consideration for any new operation.