Bloody Journal

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

A young girl's journal.

1st Entry

Today a new boy moved to town, by the name of Fenvar. His father is the new village blacksmith.

2nd Entry

I think Fenvar noticed me today. He smiled, but I lacked he[sic] courage to smile back.

3rd Entry

I waited outside the blacksmith's shop all evening, waiting for Fenvar to emerge. When he saw me, he said hello.

4th Entry

I finally mustered the courage to introduce myself to Fenvar. He told me my hair was pretty.

5th Entry

Fenvar walked me home tonight. We held hands the whole way.

6th Entry

Fenvar took me on a picnic today. We kissed for the first time.

7th Entry

Fenvar and I have been courting for a month. I think it is time to tell Mother.

8th Entry

We did something bad today. Fenvar and I snuck off to the fields and made love. When we came home, we found the entire village slaughtered. Could this be our fault!? Punishment for our crime?

9th Entry

Fenvar comforted me, assuring me we were not to blame. He held me all night, but I fear whatever attacked the village will return.

10th Entry

I found a note today in the mayor's house. It said, "The Tyrgash are upon us." We must leave now! (The rest of the journal is saturated with dried blood)