The Virtues Of Seasteel

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

A book about a Dvergan precious mineral.

The Virtues of Seasteel

Seasteel is an enchanted metal that is prized for its utilitarian qualities, high tensile strength, and light weight. Obsidian Isle is the one place where seasteel is known to be found. Even then, seasteel can only be found in limited quantities, and only appears once a year upon the Obsidian Isle's shores. Storms from a neighboring atoll precede the tide of seasteel's arrival, which washes up in nuggets on the Isle's beaches and is collected by hand.

In its natural state, seasteel appears as dull grey blobs, much like molten wax that has been dropped in cold water. Seasteel's buoyancy is one of its most interesting qualities. While the buoyancy of the metal diminishes once it has been refined, it remains strong and very light. It is also resistant to corrosion, polishes to a mirror shine, and never tarnishes, making it desirable for nautical uses.

The first Dverga to settle on Obsidian Isle marveled at seasteel and learned to craft weapons and other tools from it. They saw it as one of the sea's gifts to their race, and would rarely export it beyond the Isle's shores. So valued was seasteel that it was prized more than gold, and greedily hoarded by the Foundry Guild in Emberdeep. The Dverga never speak of seasteel to outsiders, for fear that the other kingdoms would try to steal it from them.