Naros Chronicle: First Impressions

Helyc Crosse

Kingdoms of Amalur

First Impressions

Almost immediately upon setting foot into the wilds of the Teeth, the Beckoned was confronted by a giant woman seemingly made from stone. You may have been told stories of these men and women that live in the mountains and thought them children's tales, but I assure you, a race of people as tall as Jottun yet as keen as the Alfar exist. They were neither Jottun nor ettin. They were the first living Kollossae any of the Faelands had ever known, and despite the wonders of Dalentarth, there is nothing like the sight of Idylla: the city made from gold and jewels floating among the clouds.

Her name was Secandra and she was captain of the Idylla guard. She was first wary of our hero/ine, but a Jottun ambush forced the two of them into an alliance. Neither of them knew this alliance would change the fate of the Kollossae, yet the potential was clear from the very beginning. Secandra's strength of will and our hero/ine's power over fate would one day complete the vision of Ethene.