Scholar Nerenne

Kingdoms of Amalur

These assorted writings have been compiled into a rough notebook.

Pamphlet on Linguistics

A preliminary analysis of the resulsts from my Banelous potion expemiments has provided me woth a fasconating bas from which to draw new hypotheses on the nature of libguisitics and the mind's ability to comprehend various tongues. And, perhaps most importantly, my analysis has demonstrated the need for additional data, which would require further funding and support from my kind benefactors in the Basilica Gnostra.

For those Scholars who are not aware oft he nature of my research, I offer a modest summary: my Babelous Potion is intended to grant its users bother complete comprehension and generation of foreign languages by means of balancing the mind's humours. My test subjects are inoculated with a version of the potion, an are subject to a brief examination: they are surveyed in an number of tongues and then required to answer in the language of the questions.

Oddly enough, while my current formula for the Babelous Potion has successfully granted my patient's linguistic comprehension, it has yielded mixed results in term of language generation. These results are usually triggered in a three-stage process.

In the beginning of the process, most subjects described their ability to speak almost being inverted- though they sought to generate one sound, their mouth made the opposite. Clearly the humeral mix was somehow substituting the opposite of every letter the patient tried to say.

In the middle stage of the process, where the potion was strongest, subjects reported success in generating the sound they were thinking, but in a different order than how they thought them. Their mouths jumbled up the answers they meant to give.

And, in the final stage, when the potion was beginning to wear off, my subjects reported that the previous two phenomena - the substitution of every sound's opposite and the jumbling of sounds - were somehow presenting themselves simultaneously.

If only I could find a mind that could untangle these processes while under the effects of the potion, I could get somewhere....