Town Charter

Priestess Aurela Corlon

Kingdoms of Amalur

The legal charter for the village of Tirin's Rest.

Tirin's Rest: Village Charter

Priestess Aurela Corelon

It being one year since the War has left the Plains of Erathell, and our village during all the storm and fever having been spared entirely of harm, let it be hereby resolved:

We who dwell here so solemnly swear that it was Lyria and Lyria alone, Goddess of Fate, who spared our lives and livelihoods, and it is SHE we thank that we live and thrive today.

And I, Priestess Aurela Corelon, having heard the voice of my Goddess, Lady Lyria, call me unto service, shall serve this place as mayor and as guide. It is the wish of all and my humble duty to do so.

In honor of the blessings bestowed upon us, this village, once known as Ljosavik, shall now be known as Tirin's Rest, for it was here that the Priestess Bayala Tirin made camp, on her way to Rathir, spreading word of Lyria's greatness where she went.

We, the new people of new-named Tirin's Rest, declare this Valley of Galafor to be the Valley of the Blessed. For those who Lyria did not love were cast out. While those who loved her dearly and wholly, she favored with safety and respite in times of war. From hence onward, none shall dwell in our valley who have not been similarly blessed. For it is a sacred place, and not be profaned by the common lot.