Spider Memo


Kingdoms of Amalur

A scroll written by Guran to Fomorous Hugues about the spider infestation.

Regarding the Spiders


Per your request we've finally got the spider problem under control. Claude will try to take credit for an efficient cleansing with his Praetorians, but I feel he overstates his case and fails to recognize the value that my own quick-thinking and scholarly work provided to this successful operation.

While overseeing the spider-purge, I noticed that those guards who were affected by spider venom exhibited stiffness of joints and tightening of skin symptoms which suggest a possible solution for the internal cohesion problems of some of the Well's creations. I would have studied these symptoms in more depth at the time, but the guards willfully and flagrantly disobeyed my orders to delay application of antitoxins.

As such, I request that we capture some of these spiders in order to harvest their venom and for future testing. Furthermore, I trust that these insubordinate guards will be punished immediately. For my steadfast pursuit of knowledge, I require no metal nor promotion. All I would ask is that you PLEASE reassign me off of subject disposal detail.

- Guran