Til's Collection II

Brother Til

Kingdoms of Amalur

My Grandmother's Pearl

It was a fantasy, but satisfying nonetheless. No one would gossip in her dreams, no one would reject her advances. She could be with any and all she desired, man or woman, Alfar or Gnome.

There was always a hit of guilt to accompany her wishes, but the fulfillment of them washed away any distaste. Thereby pleasured, she could cope with her loneliness, and make bearable the days untill she could enjoy her nights.

Slowly, however, her depravaty deepened, and her previous imagination could not satiate her new lusts. The thoughts from before were now trite. She was no longer content with a passionate embrace, and a confided in herself new, unspeakable acts of pleasure - and pain.

If she felt guilty before, she was now wholeheartedly ashamed. The impurity of thought sullied her every hour, and drifted through her thoughts in the most inappropiate places at the most scandalous times. No one was free from her uncontrolled thoughts, and she feared they would consume her in a sinful wallowing of hedonism for the rest of her life.

It was to her shock and horror, then, to find that not only did she give utterance to her throes of passion on a nightly basis whilst asleep, but that her manservant had heard every word while standing by her bedroom door.