Father Etair

Kingdoms of Amalur

Journal of Father Etair


We broke through this morning. It was a grand adventure. I led the way, dangling from a series of cords and timbers, a puppet on a string. Exciting! I must confess that such breathtaking risks are not the usual labors of a mission father. Of course, what is but prayer? I would do it again in an instant. Exciting!

The old well was in better condition than we'd anticipated. Brother Wulf and I were able to penetrate the collapsed stone within several hours of digging, and soon reached the lake beneath. Water levels were low, likely because of the endless heat we've been experiencing in Haxhi this spring. Not a day passes that I don't pray for the health of my Sky Blossom and Cohosh. May the Authority protect them from this oppressive blaze!

As we prepared the pulley lines and removed debris, the oddest thing happened. Beneath the earth, far in the depths of the well, Wulf made an interesting discovery. It was a crystal. I've seen a great many gems and stones, but I've never seen anything like this in all of my days.

It is quite obvious to me that the crystal possesses magical properties, for its surface moves with a rippling aura, like light wavering over the water, but that is all I can gather without performing more experiments. My next few days will be spent in close observation.