On Gemstones

Brother Gamian

Kingdoms of Amalur

By Brother Gamian of St. Hadwyn's Undying Mission

I ask you to consider what a gem is truly is. Order and clarity, exemplified. A conduit of might and light. What then is a shard? It can become a gem, but as yet, it is neither ordered, nor clear, nor powerful.

Think now how much mortal-kind are like unto gems and shards! Though we enter this world rough-hewn and of little worth, we may work hard, we may refine ourselves until we become shining conduits of Mitharu's Light.

A lazy man or a woman of wayward habits is a thing of little force in the world. Ad best, they accomplish nothing; at worst, they do great harm. Surely Mitharu loves them not. but those who are dilligent, industrious, and clear of focus. It is they who achieve great things, bring honor and purity to the world. They are truly champions of the god of order.

Consider this, as well: how few of us are are perfect gems -- by which I mean, saints -- and yet, imperfect as we are, by way of the sage's craft, we make perfect gems from shards. Truly this is Mitharu's gift to we frail shards. And truly the practice of sagecraft is an excellent meditation on all these lessons.