A Record Of Petitions

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

This exquisite logbook details the arbitrations of the last master of Gravehal Keep.

Petitions Heard Before Lord Gravehal

Here, by order of Ansgar Solsvard, Second Lord of Gravehal, are listed the hearing of petitions.

Starg Njolf was first before the throne, humbly asking his lordship to dispatch an annoying nest of Isle Varalins' indigenous pests. The scavs, he claims, have repeatedly overrun his crops and even carried off some of the smaller livestock. His lordship pledged, upon the throne, to "crack their shells upon mine own knee and drink whatever evil pours forth from within to rid you of their pestilence."

The hearing of petitions was interrupted by the arrival of a trio of candidates sent by Emberdeep for his lordship's approval. During the gathering of the small council one month past, Lord Gravehal ordered the gallery (illegible) with the finest (illegible) and sent orders to the Obsidian Isles to find one fit for the task.

Lady Gravehal continues to implore his lordship to put the room above the great hall to a more practical use, but he was as ever unmoved.

Last before his lordship, a self-styled "poet," recently arrived on the orders of the council in Emberdeep. He presented the council's edict that Isle Varalin be celebrated in flattering verse, designed to appeal to the lower and merchant classes to enthrall them into settling upon our new Dvergan realm. Lord Gravehal has little patience for the soft-handed messenger, but granted him hospitality for two months' time to scribble whatever gruel his Obsidian Island patrons desired. His lordship further recommended that Emberdeep consider burning the ships of these settlers upon their arrival lest they attempt to return upon seeing the truth gilded by the poet's stories.

All further business concerned the night's wedding feast. Hence Lord Gravehal left these matters in the able hands of Lady Gravehal. As this business concerns not matters of the realm, they need not to be recorded here.