Naros Chronicle: The Hyperian Rises

Helyc Crosse

Kingdoms of Amalur

The Hyperian Rises

With Secandra's aid, our hero/ine was able to harness the Air and Earth Shrines and manifest the magic of the Cipher once more. Thus enchanted, the Beckoned and Secandra entered the Hyperian, were Anokatos waited for them.

He knew they would come, for his death was preordained, as it were. In order to raise the Hyperian, the changing of the Kollossae's fate was necessary, and only our hero/ine could perform this action. As s/he killed Anokatos and shifted his fate, so too, did the fate of all his brethren change. The Kollosae were free from their barbaric past, and as a sign of this, the Hyperian ascended to Idylla.

The Beckoned and Secandra survived to lead the Kollossae and the city of Idylla to their promised glory.

So ends the tale of the Beckoned and the Hyperian.