Naros Chronicle: A Difficult Start

Helyc Crosse

Kingdoms of Amalur

A Difficult Start

The Southern Passage was treacherous. Cach fled after we found was a large stone statue covered in blood (now, I know this was not statue, but a corpse of one of the Kollossae). Sveri was killed by a trap, and I was wounded in a battle with monsters I can finally put a name to, the pteryx. Our expedition was a disaster, and only the stranger remained.

We parted ways in the dark of the Southern Passage. In her/his generosity, s/he left me a healing potion (which, I am convinced to this very day, saved my life). As s/he searched for an exit, a sudden cave-in separated us, and I would not see her/him again for what seemed like a lifetime. I spent my time trying to survive in the Southern Passage while our fourth companion became Beckoned of Ethene.