Sigbert's Journal

Sigbert Sawerth

Kingdoms of Amalur

This journal is penned by Sigbert Sawerth. It describes his search for the five keys of Amman.

Journal of Sigbert Sawerth

Summer, Day 6, Daybreak

Nothing today. My journey is young and the forest remains fairly hospitable to outsiders. Ignoring the warnings was a wise decision. There are no rivals. The search for Amman's keys belongs to me, and me alone. It is only a matter of time. The statues of Amman litter the forest, taunting me. If I can just secure the keys, I will be able to open them and partake of their treasure. Soon.

Summer, Day 13, Dusk

Odarath is as beautiful as I have always heard, especially the perilous lands north of St. Odwig's Perpetual Mission. I was almost struck down by a sprite! That is until a brave villager from Gorhart arrived on the scene to act as my savior. He introduced himself as Ugnar Odgray. Such an odd name, it could only belong to a Varani.

Summer, Day 67, Daybreak

I visited the House of Ballads grounds today! All of my adult life has been spent learning about these legendary figures, so even a slight glimpse was worth the trip. I am beginning to believe that one of Amman's keys lies behind its high walls. If my scholarly work has been done correctly, the location of the keys will soon be known to me.

Summer, day 83, Dusk

I have done it! At long last, after years of searching in the annals of Adessa and scouring the fae lands, I have secured one of the five fabled keys of Amman!

Now only if I could find the other four...'