Notes Of Octienne's Crimes

Templar Octienne

Kingdoms of Amalur

A meticulously organized folder of notes, payments, and the occasional letter related to Octienne's assorted shady dealings.


Bad news: for your crimes of necromancy and murder, the Forum has decreed that your punishment must be death. I, however am certain that your brain may be put to better use for society than as fertilizer. After all, what weight does a charge of murder carry when you may simply return that which was stolen.

I have prepared a new laboratory for you, where you will continue your work on the Well of Souls in parallel tou your former colleague. The secrecy of its location is of utmost importance: in Mel Senshir, you will receive another missive via C S - do not explain anything further to her, but feel free to examine her own research. You should find the passages on pain-thresholds most applicable to your own work.

I will provide materials and assistants as needed, and in return I expect regular progress reports and utmost discretion. F. H. will still continue his own work unawares - as a backup. Should he provide results before you do, I shall be quite cross, but my associates will recover his work for your more thorough application.