A Tattered Journal

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

The binding is coming apart and the cover is stained with what looks like blood.

A Tattered Journal

Day 7

Keska betrayed me. Thought the girl wanted that foolish cult destroyed, but it turns out she was just bait. Why can't I ever resist a pretty pair of legs?

Damned fools keep chanting and smearing that foul smelling sap all over their faces. Canneroc hired me to kill this cult, but I've only become another tender morsel for its dark tree god. Some bounty hunter I've turned out to be.

They have others, people and creatures, penned like cattle in cages. Think we're food, but for what?

I need to get out of here.

Day 11

Ceremony last night. Or day? I can't tell.

Everyone chanting, holding hands. Something was killed - couldn't make out what from my cage. Scream sounded human, mostly.

There was a thunderclap, I think, then every torch in the place went dark. Lots of screams. Wet sounds, smacks and swallows. Smell of blood.

Been quiet for awhile. Not sure what's happening. They forgot about me, I bet.

Day 13

She came near. I think it was her, Keska.

Hair was white, though.

Legs... too long. Her voice, like teeth scraping on bone. Her eyes so bright.

I think she's... becoming... something else. Something different. And I think she ate the others.

Am I next?

Day 21

No sign. No food. Drinking sap that drips from the dark above.

Her voice is everywhere. She hunts in the cave, eating with think wet gulps. Think she forgot me. And my cage.

I'm glad it's dark. Can't see. Don't want to see.

Soon I'll be thin enough to fit between the bars, and then I'll escape.