The Possession Begins

Jubal Caledus

Kingdoms of Amalur

It has come. What Ephraim has warned me of, the fear that has plagued the mind of every Archsage of our order, has come to pass. She has awoken. She has found a way from her cell.

I thought when such a time came, it would prove to be a more marked event, that we would notice as the harbinger of her freedom. And though I had reports of an Initiate whose Trial killed some Savants and drove others to madness, she did not appear immediately.

And that was her greatest triumph. For all that we knew of her, we expected her appearance to be marked by cataclysm and chaos. The raging storm has no need of subtlety and cleverness, for with a whim its winds can rip flesh from bones and burn all in its path. But she knew we would gird ourselves for such assaults, and connived to overwhelm the strongest of our orders from the shadows. And now, there are two left: myself and the mind of the initiate who was present at her summoning.

Even now, I feel my mind beginning to falter. Aethan Engar must have fallen, and with him, there is but one left whom I can support in earnest to assume the mantle of Archsage. But I cannot falter yet. I will summon the once-was Initiate here, and with aid, wrest control of my mind free from the dark sorceress.

To have my mind be walked upon is... troubling. There are many things in here I wish no one to face or learn, for they are the things I had to rid myself of the Scholia Arcana. But if she is to be felled, I must be rid of her.