Til's Collection IX

Brother Til

Kingdoms of Amalur

The Petals of Susanrus

GALT.- "Why have you come? I was quite clear in my intentions. Another flies the flag of my affections. You are too late."

SUSNARUS.- "I will never be too late. You are heat of the sun as it withers the leaf. I shiver alone."

GALT.- "Then what are we to do?"

SUSNARUS.- "What choice is left to us, but to give our passions agency?"

GALT, seizing her by the shoulders and piercing her lips with the sharp blade of his flickering tongue.- "You do not know of what I am capable. This awakening, this magical fire, it has cracked me open as the volcano ruptures. I am aflame."

SUSNARUS, falling before him.- "Then burn!"

Susnarus had no choice but to struggle beneath his hulking form, writhing as he held her close to his chest and passed his warmth between them.