The Adventure I


Kingdoms of Amalur

The Words of Solen Reimgar as Chronicled by Parthalan

"Listen my friends, we have set out to do what no mortals have ever done, find the Armor of Ohn. So, Artess, I know you do not wish to go, but tell me why, because if you say you are afraid, then know that we are all afraid, and that's not a good enough reason to abandon your companions in their moment of truth. The dangers we have faced before, and I love you all as brothers and sisters. I would never imperil your lives, for anything. We will be cautious. I am told there are ways to defeat the Klurikon. And then we have what no mortals have dared to grasp, immortality. Think on it, think of the glory, and excitement that awaits us, and think of how this is your only chance at that glory, perhaps ever. You are only given one fate, accept it, embrace it. If you be so bold, meet me in a week's time at...."