Adessa I

Galenun Hegem

Kingdoms of Amalur

An introductory chapter from Galenun Hegem's memoirs as the head mason of Adessa. There seems to be an interesting note scrawled in the margin.

Chapter I: Preliminary Plans

When I first looked upon the site, it was but a crater with a glimpse of opportunity for greatness. From the nearby quarries of Apotyre, veins of white stone - rare for Detyre - were unearthed, and from that was born my masterpiece. The city would be a shining jewel among the red rocks, a rose in the desert.

It all started here, in this simple library. Once a fortress, a place for study, it has since become so much more. All tales begin and end in these halls of knowledge. Including, reader, a tale that starts with you.

My city is my labor of love, and one that seeks to know it as I knew it will be rewarded. There is a prize, hidden in plain sight for any curious enough to find, if the searcher will but walk from the birth of this city to its end.

First I build the Livrarium. And once it was completed, I turned to the Praetorian Garrison, to protect and uphold the truths we housed in these Isles.