Warsworn Record

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Kingdoms of Amalur

Record Of Jottun Incursions

In the time of Castellan Hostrum Krell, four major Jottun conflicts took place. The first marked the rise and fall of Ragnarr Vokvekk. It is thought this was the moment the Warsworn first earned the respect of the highland clans. The second incursion did not directly involve the Warsworn or any other civilized race. Two Ragnarr had arisen and bloody in-fighting among the clans spilled onto the sands below. The third incursion took place when Castellan Hostrum attempted to intervene, resulting in a crippling wound that eventually killed him. The final conflict arose from a drought, followed by a famine, in the southern mountains.

Two incursions are recorded in Castellan Oda Celfred's time. First, during the lawless time between Ragnarrs near the start of her term as Castellan, and second, shortly after the collapse of Tearscotter Mine, after the Praetorian Guard had withdrawn and chaos overran Menetyre.