Mitharu II

St. Hadwyn

Kingdoms of Amalur

The Word of Mitharu according to St. Hadwyn

And thus, the world was perfectly in Mitharu's image. There are the seasons, which Mitharu causes so that all things are balanced. There is the earth and sky, which are separated in the same balance by the day and the night. The sea and the land are again the same difference in the balance of the world with the ebb and flow of the tide. There are the beasts of Mitharu's making, the plants which feed the beasts of the world, and which feed upon the world itself. And finally, there are the remnants of Mitharu's hands, the shards of our world. Here, the work of Mitharu is visible to those who would welcome the Great Order of the World into his or her life. It is like a miniscule version of the world itself. There is nothing as ordered as the line of lights of a flawless gem, it is the divine shape of Mitharu.