Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

Metallurgy and Method

Tyrenium, the marvelous ore held within the rocks of Detyre, has astounded and confused our most prominent craftsmen and masons. Its popularity is evidenced by a simply view of Adessa's skyline. The ornate domes and inlays of our buildings were made possible only by tyrenium ore.

The ore comes out of the grounds in a variety of shades, but upon smelting it transforms into a ravelous shade of amethyst. In a processed form, it is lighter than steel and it can be weathered for years without forming a calx. As a building material, it is ideal - smelts at low temperatures, sturdy once processed, and stands strong for years.

In addition to architectural uses, the armor has a variety of uses in scientific equipment. When alloyed with brass, it creates a sterile surface that can contain liquids of starling acidity. It can be used to conduct lightning and storm magic, if pure, or electrically inert when bonded with silver. There are even claims that it can aid the health of those that wear it. Tyrenium mall is popular amongst certain gnomish officials.

The original tyrenium mines in Apotyre were abandoned after years of production, and now new claims are being staked throughout the deserts of Detyre. The only question that remains is how many tyrenium veins go unclaimed beneath the desert sands - have we only begun enjoying this metal, or have we mined it to depletion?