Hadrus Llewellyn

Kingdoms of Amalur

Sedeas, the Crystal Wier

by Hadrus Llewellyn

During my pilgrimage to seek out the source of the burgeoning magical unrest in Amalur I have come upon what can only be described as the antithesis of the once-burning power of Aodh. Sedeas, the Crystal Weir: it has been given many names, but all three belie the bleak nature of the cavern.

Immediately it was impressed upon me how absolutely frigid its depths are. Scant few steps into the chasm and I felt as though I might freeze in place, forever lost to the wintry beast's maw. Lit only by ghostly blue flame, I could not so much see as feel the wretchedness within, an inescapable sense of impiety about the place. Beleaguered by demons that possess a terrible power and surrounded by flowing waters that never freeze despite the cold I was left with the suspicion that it is under some kind of curse. The only draw I could find that might spur one to brave such disconsolate conditions is the abundance of shards and gems. One could wrest much power from a weapon when combining it with these through the use of sagecraft. A properly socketed gem in one's blade could give a warrior incredible potency in battle against his enemies. However, such a thing could also give a terrible strength to those enemies in turn. During my observations I've sensed that the elemental powers within have been growing in both strength and volatility to create a magical whirlwind unlike anything seen since the time of Eleanor Brea. My own attempts to tap into the mighty power inside have seemed to provoke a sort of disconnect in my mind; there resides something elusive inside me now, something that counters my ability to reason in a sane and righteous manner.

It is my hope that a member of the Order of the Ash be sent to Sedeas to investigate the mystic surge. I feel it only prudent to further examine the instability that is growing here before it is beyond the influence of those who remain virtuous and sound of mind.