Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

This crumpled note seems to have been written shortly after you acquired it.

We will be having a guest staying at the Sandstone Villa . Should they make any purchase from your stocks, please send detailed lists of the transactions to the Domus Politica for proper tracking.

Domus Politica

Did a bit of poking around. Seems like the halfpints are clamoring about someone special coming to the city. But hear this -- they're airing out the tapestries for an outsider. One of ours will be housed in the Sandstone Villa. Treated like royalty, too. Could be of use, eh?


Greetings. It has been brought to our attention that a new guest will be staying in Sandstone Villa. Please offer him the services reserved for regular citizens (barring any work for the Villa), and keep a record of his transactions (as discreetly as possible).

Domus Politica

We have received word that a "special guest" will be staying the [sic] Sandstone Villa for the foreseeable future. Rather than the usual diplomat, however, this guest is a longlegs. They'll be given free reign of the city during their stay, so keep your patrols vigilant. But remember -- they are to be treated with respect.

Captain Tennes

The Templar has made it very clear that no explicit actions be made against the guest that will be housed in Sandstone Villa. The matter of the guest's stay will be handled by the offices of the Templar and no one else.

You have our thanks.