Warsworn Ledger

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

An old item used to record missions of the Warsworn's mercenaries.

Shieldring Keep: Mission Brief

We've been asked by concerned citizens in Gorhart and Didenhill to suppress a potential ettin War party from forming. Seems the two-headed brutes can become a sizeable threat when organized.

As best we can tell, the ettin are flocking to four prominent Shaman who are calling for a war: they go by Duxtir, Ansir, Merog, and Sul. Taking out all of them should stop this movement before it truly starts.

Killing four ettin is a hard enough task. Having an army of the bastards between you and them is worse. But times are hard and we need the coin. There's a good chance that you won't all make it back. But that was the oath you took, and this is the job we have.

May the gods help you.