Fynwick's Journal

Fynwick Iver

Kingdoms of Amalur

I have finally taken control of Ayten. Don't know why it took so long - after all, I am the only one in town capable of protecting us from the Freemen. The damn bandits are being spotted more frequently now, picking off the border farms and outlying caravans. They get closer and closer to town every day. It's only a matter of time before they move in to town; killing who they wish and taking what they like. And we don't have enough young, strong fighters to hold them off.

Seems like the only kind of folk left in Ayten are those waiting for their time to come. All the young fighters followed Ratofer to war, and then he returned on his own. All of Ayten's youth, gone. And it's only in the coming times will we learn the cost of such a loss.