Official Missive Of Dissatisfaction

Pepin Jamane

Kingdoms of Amalur

An official document addressed to the Domus Politica, a gnomish institution in the city of Adessa.

To Templar Vinthur:

Uncle Vinthur, your techniques to cope with the strain of my predicament have not eased my troubles. Not the lung mechanics, nor the cranial venting, proved successful. My stress is such as to induce insomnia, irrational fears, and a tendency to weep at the slightest provocation.

No longer will I hold my tongue! The systematic persecution of Pepin Jamane continues unabated!

Below, listed in chronological order, are the crimes that have been permitted against me by the likes of my colleagues: Scholars Manoise, and her eminence Templar Tancese. They must not be excused because of their station, or because the Basilica Gnostra has deemed me unfit to testify. Please, dear uncle, hear me as I air my grievances:

-Scholar Carloman Manoise used the latest revision of my Tract on Murghan to stifle his wet cough.
-Templar Tancese claimed that my work "had a bolgan's stink about it."
-Scholar Louis Manoise smacked me upside the skull when I asked him for a hand disembarking from the dinghy.
-I overheard the scholars Manoise discussing my sleep habits, and how they believe I've fathered several illegitimate boggart children.
-Templar Tancese sent me to recover the Tome of Contrition because, as she puts it, "You are the definition of expendable."

What next, you may ask? We shall see....