The Adventure II


Kingdoms of Amalur

The Words of Solen Reimgar as Chronicled by Parthalan

"Good, you have all made it. Let us go then, and be assured that if anyone is to suffer, it will not be any of you. I said I will not risk your lives, and I'll hold true to that. You have honored me with your trust, and that is a bond I will not break. The details I will explain on our journey, but you know most of the tale already. The Armor of Ohn is guarded, the hazards along the way are numerous. We will pass through the places that have doomed fae and mortal alike, places even demons fear to tread, and we will triumph where others have fallen. Even this dawn is already a success, for you have dared to aspire to glories unknown to human or Alf, and act upon them."