Crystal War II

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

History of the Crystal War, Vol II: Erathell Campaign

The early war, known now as the Erathell Campaign, tore jagged scars across the fertile grasslands, costing untold lives. As the forces of Rathir scrambled to assemble an army capable of facing the invader, word had reached the far north, and Ljosalfar aid set out by sea to join their southern sistren.

At first, scholars believed the Fae Winter would end, and the Tuatha numbers would gradually diminish. For reasons still unknown, this never happened, and but the strategy of perseverance, deflecting, and falling back came to be known as the War of the Plains.

It was not till late the following year, when Generals Varlaine and Orieator arrived from Fieriol, accompanied by several thousand well-armed troops, that our fortunes changed. The Battle for Galafor Plain was the first decisive rout. Varlaine deftly led the Tuatha on into Galafor, whence Orieator's divided forces rained upon them from the surrounding hills and pushed them back in a move he called The Lance. Though many gave their lives in that momentous battle, the Tuatha were for the first time humbled and driven back. The battle ended with the day, and with the light the Tuatha fled. However, daybreak found them already regrouped, marching with fire and spiteful vengeance, in what is known as the Dawn March. And despite the swift rebound of the enemy troops, Varlaine and Orieator were prepared to meet them. The Alfar Army held its ground. The tide indeed had turned.