Jenniker's Journal


Kingdoms of Amalur

Confound it! This research seems doomed from the beginning. The Cranalt Artifact is most assuredly of Niskaric origin, but it seems the local wildlife has gotten to it before I could. To make things worse, it seems the artifact has begun leaking a combination of various magics into the river and afflicting the nearby farm. From what I understand, the device requires a Gem Lattice, a Belt of Fluidity and a Mana Pendulum before I might be able to alter what configuration of magics it pours into the river -- and hopefully, simply deactivate the artifact entirely. The necessary parts are likely still in Cranalt, since these beast rarely venture out of doors. It is only a matter of tracking them down... Of course, once it is repaired, I must find the right magic configuration to use: Sanguine for optimism, Phlegmatic for reservedness and Melancholic for pessimism... a bias in any these three would have interesting results, assuredly... but potentially disastrous ones as well.