Village Of Canneroc

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

A book about the founding of the village of Canneroc.


The villages of Dalentarth have a relatively comon theme amongst them -- they are usually a haven for mortals that are unsure (ore afraid of) the magical woods that surround them. Indeed, the forest has never offered much in the way of safe haven for those that wander through them -- but, perhaps there is none quite as ominous or foreboding as Webwood. All the same, one can find a village here, like any other -- the village of Canneroc.

The village name is allegedly a corruption of some fae term for the forest -- a word which has long since been forgotten. Formed by the intrepid (if not deranged) settlers that saw profit in harvesting the silk from the nests of giant spiders, Canneroc is relatively safe because it sits on an island. It is rare for the giant spiders to actively seek out prey, so the village does manage to eke out a peaceful, if not gloomy, existence. Its size has fluctuated like any town whose entire purpose is structured on a single resource -- in times when Canneroc gossamer is valuable, the amount of workers increase, and in time of poverty, they wane.

But there are those whose ancestors have been there since the town was founded. The Aidehs, as my research shows, came to the town not as silkfarmers, but to provide housing for the once-constant influx of visitors. The inn, though decrepit, still stands to this day. The Vernts are another familiy reputed in the village, and are among the oldest of the silkfarmers. Lastly, the Vauner family has been known to provide protections against the spiders for years, in the form of anti-venom.

In truth, it is a curious burg, but it is oddly impressive to visit the village and see that, though incredibly out of place, that it has stood and continues to stand.