Adessa VIII

Galenun Hegem

Kingdoms of Amalur

The final chapter from Galenun Hegem's memoirs, the mason who designed Adessa.

Chapter VIII: The Forum

The Forum would be the last of the building I would leave to my beloved city, and woe fills me for being too infirm to see to its completion.

But here, in time, will be a center for all gnomes to have a voice, to hear the words of the just and kind Templars. Here will be the central pin that holds the city together-- its heart, its soul.

I weep to think I will no longer sketch the plans and detail the stones that will form this city. But for you, dear reader, who has been fit to follw me throughout my journey in making this city, I leave a simple gift:

There is a book hidden in the stacks of the Livrarium, dedicated to those that wish to master the art oft speech. Learn its teachings, and use the skill to spread word of my marvelous city after I have passed.

-- Galenun Hegem