Gnome Nursery Rhyme

Phinneas Callidus

Kingdoms of Amalur

This is the rhyme for which the Sons of Laz are named. Unfortunately, the colorful illustration mentioned in the description is not provided in-game.

A colorful illustration accompanies the rhyme.

Laz and Raz, the brothers Grumble, as transcribed by Phinneas Callidus

Laz and Raz, the brothers Grumble,

Parents each, and neither humble.

They had no mind, the Sons of Laz,

No body to find, the Maids of Raz.

What each one wants, the other has.

"We work together" they often mumble,

"But hate each other!" the brothers grumble.

Both lines born with such a plight,

Combined to wield lordly might,

But battled at the merest slight.

Their conflicts caused them both to tumble,

Heed this from The Brothers' Grumble.