Tirin's Rest Hymnal

Unknown [Kingdoms of Amalur]

Kingdoms of Amalur

A church hymnal from Tirin's Rest.

Supplementary to the Llyferion's Hymns

Who Lyria Loves

She who Lyria loves, Lyria protects

He who is pure of heart and mind she guards

She who stands among the proud is blessed

But he who's not worthy from Galafor is banned

A Mighty Time

Remember when it was, when the Fae marched on our lands

Remember how they marched in war, marched with bloody hands

And know though they are wicked, and know though they are vile

That they were tools of Lyria's wrath, and destined all the while

Blessed Galafor


Good and pure

Fae no more

No vagrant and no poor

Not since the war

In Galafor