Naros Chronicle: A Strange Meeting

Helyc Crosse

Kingdoms of Amalur

A Strange Meeting

Venturing through the Southern Passage, s/he came across an ancient sanctum. An ensorcelled statue of a face being held aloft by two men watched over a glowing artifact set atop a pedestal. My one-time companion examined this artifact, and suddenly a voice spoke to her/him. It was a woman's voice from the stone face, echoing with the tinges of magic.

"And so, after centuries, it has come to pass. The Cipher has reached thy hands. Beckoned. At last, my work can be completed."

Apparently my one-time companion was interested, for s/he asked how s/he could help. The rest of the conversation was cryptic, and s/he was left with a message to "seek the Primos". The mysterious voice then fell silent, and opened the way into the Teeth of Naros. The Beckoned took the Cipher and entered the strange new land.