The Wild Flame

Jubal Caledus

Kingdoms of Amalur

Mommy isn't crying the funny men with pointed ears are taking me, and mommy isn't crying, but she looks like she will isn't she sad? Why isn't she being sad? she might be mad at me still for what I did to the woodshed but it wasn't my fault I didn't mean to I just got so scared when that dog got near me that I threw my hands up and then there was fire and heat and the woodshed was on fire and I didn't know I didn't want to make it but the dog caught fire too and I couldn't stop it I could only stare and watch as everything started to burn around me and I was sorry I was so sorry but it wasn't enough daddy found me and hit me hard once in the eye and once in the back and I told him I said daddy I didn't mean to and he did it anyways I was so sorry and he kept hitting me until I stopped crying but mommy just stood there and she was crying but it was quiet and it was to herself and its like watching her now as they're taking me away they have me by my hand and they're leading me away and no one's saying goodbye and no one's saying I'll miss you and no one's saying they love me I am put in the care of strangers and I'm going away forever to learn how I made things burn and I'm sorry mommy and I'm so very sorry.