Graveside Letter II

Brother Mason

Kingdoms of Amalur

A letter written to the deceased Avery Egest who was the husband of Rikka Egest.

Letter to Avery Egest, 2


I worry about Rikka. We of the Order should not visit the village often. Father says it is a distraction, a "swamp of murky morality." But I can't stay way. I care too much.

Your widow's sorrow deepens. She has come to close her shop at odd hours, to retreat to the darkness of her upstairs bedroom. I see the glimmer you loved so, but it fades.

She is lonely, without your or her children. She is so delicate, so beautiful of heart. I try to console her, but it leaves me shaken. I will continue to watch over her in your absence, dear friend. You have my word.

Your brother in arms,