Naros Chronicle: Nyxaros

Helyc Crosse

Kingdoms of Amalur


In secret, Anokatos had killed many of his rivals in his misguided quest to force the grace of Ethene upon his people. Anokatos learned the means to raise the Hyperian from the former Primos, Arkes, and enslaved Jottun to realize his will. Forced to choose between saving the slaves before they were executed, or finding "the Counsel" before he died, the Beckoned chose to find the Counsel.

They found Arkes weak and in chains. He spoke to the Beckoned of how Anokatos would bring ruin to the Kollossae if the Beckoned didn't stop him. The Hyperian was the key to the salvation of the Kollossae, and only the Beckoned, free from the bonds of Fate, could help shape his people's destiny.

The knowledge of how to enact this was known to Secandra if she could remember the last day that they spent together.


Once in Nyxaros the voice of Ethene guided the Beckoned to the Silent Choir, the crazed disciples of Anokatos. Secandra and the Beckoned learned of the slavery, and of one called "the Counsel", and in a hurried deliberation decided to free the slaves from their torment. The captives were Jottun, and freed from bondage, they gladly helped their saviors fight the Silent Choir while Secandra and the Beckoned sought "the Counsel".

They discovered the Counsel was none other than Arkes, the former Primos, and just before he died, he told them the secret to stopping Anokatos. Arkes' final words were for Secandra to remember his last day with her.