Crafty's Shopping List

Crafty Wobblesprocket

World of Warcraft

Okay, $N, this is a list of all the stuff that I'm going to need for our new super-secret, er..., super weapon. For now, let's just call it "Crafty's Ultra-Advanced Proto-Typical Shortening Blaster".Trust me, it's going to be far more revolutionary than that old, hokey world enlarger!

Anyway, don't think too hard about it right now. Just get me this stuff and we'll be golden!

My Tools

First things first... I need my tools. For a project this intricate no others will do!

When we had to run for our lives to escape from the pumping station -- that's a whole different story -- I didn't have time to pick them up. I mean, come on, I was running for my life! But I do remember that I left them under the pumping station to the east.

An Overcharged Capacitor

Any engineering hack worth their salt should be able to whip one of these up for you if you can't create it yourself. Hell, I'd make one for you, but I'm missing my tools at the moment, remember?So, do whatever it takes, but get me one. The project's going nowhere without it. If you have to, head back to the southern continents and scour the auction house!

A Handful of Rocknar's Grit

This last bit might be a little tricky to get, but it's necessary to fashion the blaster's lens from only the finest sand. That means obtaining it from a top-notch elemental.

Rocknar will do nicely. He was spotted to the southeast in the Frozen Reach between Unu'pe and the Wailing Ziggurat. Go break down his icy exterior to get to his rocky core and bring me back a handful.