Rakata Tribes

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

In the face of near-extinction and the mysterious loss of Force sensitivity among most of their kind, the Rakata retreated to their homeworld, where they focused their cruel aggressions on one another, descending further into ruin. When the dust of global war settled, all that remained of the galactic tyrants was a collection of barbaric and ruthless Rakata tribes that has dominated the planet for more than twenty thousand years.

Some tribes reside in isolation, hidden deep within the jungle islands of Rakata Prime. Others are more aggressive, seeking to conquer and assimilate as many other tribes as possible, uniting the world under their rulership‒an echo of their technologically advanced ancestors' attempt at galactic supremacy. Eventually, the dominating tribe's control becomes stretched too thin and the sub-tribes revolt, breaking free until the cycle inevitably repeats.