Diabolical Plans


World of Warcraft


I trust that this letter will eventually make its way to you. These demons are mindless. All they think about is their nails, their whips, or goring something with their head spikes. And I dare not use one of the infernals lest it be burned to ashes!

Sadly, I long for the days when we could use the orcs. At least they had half a brain and could follow orders. Perhaps there is an opportunity to take some new thralls from nearby?

The reports of the night elves assisting the draenei are true. They're attempting to setup a new base of operations at Forest Song to the north near Satyrnaar. We should confer on combining our forces for an attack before the next full moon of this pathetic world. If we crush them now they will never gain a toehold on our doorstep!



p.s. - Stop using up all of the blood ink on love letters to my lashers! Night elf virgins are in short supply these days.