Salt-Crusted Journal

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

We barely escaped from Kezan with our lives! The volcano took house, my car, my pet boar, my pet boar's house, my pet boar's car...But at least we got safely onto the ships! We'll sail straight for Durotar, sucker a few orcs after we get onto dry land again, and be rolling in money again within a week!

We've been on the ocean for what seems like forever. I don't think anyone knows where we are.

Our supplies are dwindling, and we used up half our water trying to run the pump for the makeshift desalinator. We tried throwing a few people overboard to gain speed, but we kept all their gold so it didn't help that much.

It was kinda fun, though.

We've landed! Well, more like crashed. The boats tore themselves open overnight while the "captain" had a rag tied to the wheel.

We all woke up face-down in the sand on this mysterious desert beach! Nobody has any idea where we are, but we'll have to make do in this exotic and highly uncharted territory.

Did I say we all woke up? That may have been an exaggeration.

We found something amazing! An old busted-up machine thing. One of the smartypants antique collectors that survived the crash said it looked like it might be a Titan thingy.

Whatever it is, I bet it's valuable. The guys that found it said their heads hurt after digging it up and it's leaking some kinda glowy light but WHATEVER!

The guys who found that artifact are acting a little FUNNY! Nothing too bad for a goblin mind you. And they've only stabbed one or TWO people.

I guess it's not that bad! Everyone around here is feeling a LITTLE funny anyway ha ha ha.

That brute they keep with them sure TALKS a lot, though.

THE others let me JOIN them finally they showed me the ARTIFACT for a really long time til I felt the tingles they say MEATFACE knows everything he is the SMARTEST I hope with his help we can LIBERATE this lost beach from the OTHER EVIL GOBLINS that came in their FLYING MACHINES to KILL US they lied they said WE'RE FROM GADGET-ZAN TO SAVE YOU but we were not fooled we took their stuff ha ha ha


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