Brazie's Handbook to Handling Human Hunnies

Brazie Getz

World of Warcraft

There's nothing like wooing the heart of a human girl. Infinitely forgiving, endlessly caring and fantastically fun, human girls have been the downfall of countless heroes throughout the ages. (See Chapter 3: "Jaina Proudmoore and the men who loved her")

However, generation after generation has proven it takes something more than just money, looks or an epic suit of armor to attract the woman of your dreams. Not even the power of Gnomish invention can help you here.

To truly charm the heart of another, you should possess these qualities.
* Be Fun & Friendly
* Be a Challenge
* Be a Man

Be Fun & Friendly

Ever have at friend who shows up at your house and brings everybody down? Yep. Everyone does. Does he get invited back to the parties? Not unless he's bringing the ale. If you want to be an attractive person, live an attractive lifestyle.

You'll find that the more you enjoy socializing with others, the more they will enjoy socializing with you!

There's no faster way to ruin a girl's night than bringing in that needy, apologetic vibe. Let it go, embrace the fun and your confidence will soar.

Be a Challenge

Too many Gnomes these days walk with their head slung low, shuffling along sadly from tavern to tavern, hopelessly holding on these limiting beliefs that no human girl would ever want them. They rush into the tavern, shower her with compliments and free drinks, then go home dejected.

Well, let me be the first to tell you, friend, when you give your self away so cheaply, you diminsh the value of your unique, exquisite personality. You've been told by society that you are not the prize, that women will never acknowledge you, that you must beg for love and attention.

They are wrong. Don't give your affection away so freely. Instead of asking yourself, "Does she like me?" ask yourself instead, "Do I like her?"

Challenge her - show her you're looking for a girl who offers more than a pretty face. If she can't keep up with your life, move on. If she shows she's got something to offer, you're at the beginning of a beautiful thing.

Be a Man

In an age where we've been banished from our homes, forced to fight for our very survival and faced down horrors never before known to Azeroth, you would think that the nature of manhood would be better understood.

Sadly, the art of masculinity has been lost, washed away in the glitz and glamor of battle. However, all is not lost! With practice and confidence, you can come back in touch with yourself.

Once you've met the human girl of your dreams and she's shown herself to be worthy of your affections:

* Take the lead - show her everything that is beautiful about your world
* Hold her hand - develop a close, affectionate relationship
* Show respect - for yourself, for her and for the world around you

Above all:

* Be responsible


While everything doesn't always go the way you expect, that's what make life unpredictable and exciting. However, there's a few tips to help you a long way in improving your life. Here's some common blunders:

* Don't chase
* Don't be needy
* Don't get stuck on someone who dislikes you

These all stem from a core belief that women you must have the woman you're talking to right now. Break free - there's many women out there in this beautiful world and if one doesn't work out, let go. You'll find you become more attractive the less clingy you are.