Fizzle Brassbolts' Letter

Fizzle Brassbolts

World of Warcraft

Good Martek,

I'm in a jam and I need your help.

My brother and I are building a racecar and we need strong pistons. Nothing I try is hard enough. Nothing can hold up to our new car's speed. And so the engine breaks down constantly!

You are an expert in crafting with metal. You must help. You are the only one who can.

Here are the piston's specifications:

Length: 32 WW
Width: 12 WW
Weight: 23.

5 IBG to 25.

Conduction: 70 TC
Shear Strength: 98 or higher
Combobule Rating: "Super stout" or higher

In the case you forgot gnomish measurements:
WW = "Whisker Width"
IBG = "Itty-Bitty Grams"
TC = "Toe Curls"