Herblore of the Ancients

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

Only Torgus could gather the fjarnskaggl so deftly. Some argued it was sorcery, others say it was simply a practiced hand. But those who were closest to Torgus knew better.

Torgus had made a deal with a greater power. He had read the old passage "Herbs beget herbs", and had seen the two sides to the lesson: Firstly, that planting the herb's seeds would allow more herbs to grow in place of the harvested plant. Secondly, that practice and mastery of herbalistic practices would allow one to, in time, more efficiently harvest.

He also saw a third meaning in the lesson. He saw it as a bargain to be made with the very gods who gave us fjarnskaggl. So Torgus did gather a large pile of fjarnskaggl, wrapped it as a gift, and brought the offering to

<The remainder of the book's pages have been ripped out.>