Mariner's Log

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

First Watch, Seven Bells
Cedric found in rum closet again. Disciplined.

First Watch, Eight Bells
Watches changed. All is well.

Middle Watch, One Bell
Cedric found attempting to break into Captain's wine cabinet. Disciplined.

Middle Watch, Two Bells
Cedric climbed rigging, became tangled and fell. Attended by ship's surgeon. Sent below to sober up.

Middle Watch, Four Bells
Bottle of rum found in Cedric's pants. Disciplined.

Middle Watch, Five Bells
Cedric's clothes found. Cedric found separately. Cedric disciplined.

Middle Watch, Six Bells
Cedric singing loudly. Woke Captain. Cedric disciplined by Captain.

Middle Watch, Eight Bells
Watches changed. All quiet. Two men sent to locate Cedric.

Morning Watch, One Bell
Fire in Captain's quarters. All hands roused. Throwing powder overboard.