Bath'rah's Parchment

Bath'rah the Windwatcher

World of Warcraft

Below you will find that which is needed for my spell to summon the great Cyclonian. May fortune go with you.

--Bath'rah the Windwatcher

Liferoot: This may be gathered from the wilderness, or gained from the Withervine Beasts of Dustwallow Marsh. It's power will be necessary to draw the life essence of Cyclonian to this world.

Bloodscalp Tusks: The tusks of the Bloodscalp Trolls in Stranglethorn Vale have a rare quality. The depravation of the Bloodscalps is concentrated in their tusks, and if ground into powder their vile powers may be unleashed.

Essence of the Exile: This essence is gained through the fusion of the three charms of the elemental exiles of the Arathi Highlands. Gather Thundering, Burning and Cresting Charms from the elementals, then place eight of each in my cauldron. From the charms, the essence of the exile will form.