Klaven Mortwake's Journal

Klaven Mortwake

World of Warcraft

The Venture Company <illegible text> It would seem that the fools nearly wiped out their entire operation in trying to stabilize the mixture.

<several pages appear to be torn out>

What I have noticed is that the fallout is extremely lethal. Imagine if <illegible text> Hahaha!

Am I going mad? Today I severed the head of one of my most trusted patrollers in order to get a better look at their soul. As I peered down their severed breathing passage, it occurred to me: I had not eaten anything in days!

Mathias Shaw has sent an errand boy to kill me. <illegible text>He patrols outside now. Mindless, lifeless drone.


VanCleef...<illegible text>

Called me IN?? WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?? I am Klaven Mortwake! I shall not be told what to do by an insect!

<the rest of the pages in the book are missing>